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Dec 2023

Vet’s (and nurse’s) and their pets

There are so many amazing pets out there, each with their own story but we thought we’d take this opportunity to introduce to some of our pets and tell you a little bit about them.

Dr. Michael has collected numerous critters over the years… here’s some of their stories.

Lucy Is a beautiful old kelpie, she’s sweet and gentle. The only anger in her body is directed towards the nearest tennis ball.  Lucy was adopted from ARF (ACT Rescue and foster). Dr. Michael actually vaccinated Lucy as a puppy and was immediately smitten with her. Unfortunately, she had already been adopted. It was a few months later when perusing the ARF website that Lucy was spotted again (those ears are unmistakable). Astonishingly Lucy had been handed back and was up for adoption again. To this day no one can understand why because she is the most loyal loving dog. That was 15 years ago and she still enjoys a morning jog (albeit a little slower).

Lucky is possibly more dog than cat and he presented to Bungendore Vet many, many years ago. He had a terrible injury to his front leg that had severed the blood supply. At that time his owners were not wanting to have his leg amputated and Lucky was to be put to sleep. Needless to say, Lucky had his surgery and is now about to celebrate his 18th birthday.

Another sad story with a lovely out-come is Nelson. He’s a terrier through and through and has his nose in everything that he shouldn’t but he’s also a very content lap dog. Nelson was 7 months old when he arrived at the clinic with a broken leg, a fate he suffered at the boot of his owner. His owner has not been heard from since and Nelson now has a large metal pin in his leg. After much deliberation (there was really no debating) Nelson has found his home.

Nelson’s best mate is a scruffy black and white terrier called Frank. Frank was…. umm an impulse buy. But even with his tiny little legs he enjoys a morning jog with Dr. Michael. Frank’s a sensitive soul. He likes routine and is easily rattled by new people and situations. His comfort zone is laying on the lounge, spooning Lucky.

Finally, there’s Harry. A 42-year-old Sulphur-crested cockatoo. Harry was Michael’s Grandmothers bird. She had always said that when she passed Harry would have a good home to go to. So, when Michael returned home from her funeral it was with Harry on the back seat. He’s a cantankerous old bird and would take your finger off if he had the opportunity. He also talks, barks like a dog and does a fantastic impression of a car trying to start on a cold Bungendore morning.

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