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You got a new puppy… What next?

Getting a new puppy can be one of the most memorable and exciting times for you and your family but sometimes knowing where to start with their training and care can seem daunting. Let our friendly staff guide you through the ins and outs of having a new puppy and get you on the right track for a happy, healthy, well-behaved dog. It is never too soon to get your pup acquainted with the surgery to ensure they develop a happy relationship with the vet. We are ALWAYS up for puppy cuddles, so drop in any time so we can start to build a happy and stress-free relationship with your pup for many years to come.

Getting your pup used to different sounds, smells, people and animals from an early age ensures they grow up to be a happy well-adjusted dog. This starts as soon as your pup comes home with you. Getting them used to having their paws touched, their mouths examined and their ears handled can all start at home. Ensuring they get to meet lots of new people and friendly animals from an early age is also really important for your puppy’s social development. Attending puppy preschool plays a large role in this. Here vaccinated puppies can learn essential socialisation skills, basic training techniques and be exposed to many different sights and sounds in a controlled environment where your pup feels safe and supported. One of our experienced nurses who has done additional behaviour training runs an excellent puppy preschool locally. Please call the surgery on (02) 6238 1133 to find out more about our puppy preschool and next class availability

We want your pup to love coming to the vet- building a positive relationship with us from an early age can really help with this. Regular puppy visits where we focus on lots of cuddles and treats can really help those pups who are less confident about coming to the vets. Socialising puppies in new places can help build confidence so sitting out the front of the shops or at a dog friendly café can also be a great place to start.

Keeping your new puppy healthy is our number one priority. We offer a range of services including vaccinations, worming, flea and tick control, and heartworm prevention and are always happy to help with any questions or concerns. We want our clients to feel empowered with the knowledge that they know what is right for their pet. With so many products on the market and varying information out there, let us ensure you are getting the information that is right for you and your new furry friend. Come in and chat to one of our friendly nurses or customer care team, or book an appointment to chat to one of our vets about what is best for your pup. We have information sheets, and a wealth of knowledge to get you on the right track. We also stock a range of preventive health products to ensure your new best friend is healthy and covered against preventable diseases. It can be really hard to know what product is right for you and your pet, so let our friendly staff help navigate you through and find the product that is right for you!

Desexing is an important decision often made in the first 18 months of an animal’s life. It is usually their first surgery, and can be a big decision for you and your family. There are loads of benefits to desexing, and our helpful staff are always happy to discuss these with you. There is also lots of new research around what age is best to desex; We ensure our staff stay up-to-date with all current findings so you can be fully informed and make the best decision for your pet and lifestyle.

Bringing your young pet in for their first surgery can be confronting. At Bungendore Vet we strive to make you and your furry friend feel at ease, and ensure you are fully informed about the procedure ahead. Our desexing procedures all include an admission appointment with a vet on the day of surgery where we walk you through the desexing process and what will happen throughout the day. You are invited to ask any questions at this time. For every desexing procedure, a highly trained nurse is present with the very best anaesthetic monitoring equipment. Every animal receives pain relief and most will go home with additional pain relief (depending on the type of procedure). Every pet has a discharge appointment with one of our exceptional surgical nurses where you will be given any instructions and medications you require at home. We aim for every owner to feel comfortable and empowered in the knowledge that your pet is getting the very best care and you stay fully informed.

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