Animal Care FAQ – Other Small Animals

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Ferrets, guinea pigs, birds, chooks, rabbits, reptiles…. We see everything! In saying that, we also have a great relationship with some other clinics that specialise in exotics and pocket pets, so are always happy to refer you and guide you in the right direction if required.

Yes – we see lots of chooks that are unwell or have injured themselves. Chickens make great pets and we understand that they are often a beloved family pet. We have a lot of experience with chickens, and are always happy to see them.

Yes- we see a lot of sick and injured wildlife either presented as an emergency by members of the public or animals that have been in care with one of our wonderful local wildlife carers. If you have a sick or injured wild animal, either give us a call or drop in to the clinic. We will have you fill out a form (which allows us to know where the animal needs to be returned to if rehabilitation is an option) and can arrange transfer to one of our local wildlife groups for ongoing care. Please note, we do not see wildlife afterhours. Wildcare can be contacted afterhours on (02) 6299 1966.

No- we do not perform dentals on pocket pets. These require specialist equipment and expertise. If you think your pocket pet requires a dental, we are happy to take a look and give you advice on who to see. We can organise the referral and put you in contact with the right vet for you.

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