Animal Care FAQs - Other Large Animals

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Yes – it is very important for someone to be present on property for the duration of the vet visit. The owner of the farm animal (or someone who has permission to make clinical decisions) needs to be present and able to lend a hand if required. They also need to be familiar with the yard and crush system. For small ruminants, the vet will often need a hand to handle the animal for its examination and potentially restrain for a blood draw or injection so please wear appropriate clothing and footwear. If you are unable to help the vet, please let us know and we can organise a nurse to attend as well. You still need to be present for the exam.

We are happy to see goats, alpacas, sheep, pigs and llamas in the clinic (either in a trailer/float or in our yards if they are lead trained). We are also able to see calves if they are under 3 months of age.

We are unable to see adult cattle in clinic as we don’t have the facilities to do so safely.

Yes – you need a secure set of yards, a race and a crush if we are seeing a cow on your property. Having these facilities will allow us to perform a thorough and complete examination so we are better able to reach a diagnosis and execute a treatment plan. If you are unsure if your facilities are up to scratch, please speak with our customer care team. Often we will have owners send us a photo of their set up so we can ensure we are able to do our job safely and effectively.

We see all farm animals. Goats, sheep, alpacas, llamas, pigs, cows, chickens, geese, ducks, peacocks…. And everything in between!

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