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Yes – We sedate all horses for equine dentistry after a clinical examination is performed on your horse. Sedation allows us to perform a thorough examination of your horse’s mouth with a dental mirror and light. This means that subtle pathology that can be missed by just feeling the teeth can be identified early. Sedating horses for oral exams also keeps everyone safe and greatly reduces stress levels for your animal.

Yes – we need the owner of the horse, or someone who has permission to make clinical decisions, present for the whole appointment. This ensures the vet is treating the right horse, is able to obtain a full clinical history, and can then perform a thorough physical examination. It also ensures any diagnostic or recommended treatment can be done quickly and safely. It is important that the person present is able to hold the horse for the vet and is wearing appropriate footwear for working around horses. If you feel you will be unable to hold your horse for its procedure, please let our customer care team know when you make your booking and we can arrange a nurse to assist the vet.

Yes – We see horses in clinic for appointments. Please call the clinic to make an appointment or fill out our booking request form. You are welcome to stay for the appointment or drop your horse off for the day, whichever is most convenient for you. If you are dropping off your horse, we require a consent form to be filled out. It is also important that we can contact you throughout the day so please ensure you leave your best contact details with us. If we cannot contact you, it may delay treatment for your horse.

We open on Saturday from 9am to 1pm. We do not see routine large animal appointments on Saturdays. However, if you have an emergency, we can arrange for your horse to be seen in clinic or on property (afterhours fees may apply).

Yes-but space is limited. If you would like to leave your float at the clinic, please enquire at the time of booking and follow the directions of our staff for parking on arrival to the clinic.

Signs of snake bite can be vague, but as a general guide, snake bite may be suspected if your horse is showing any combination of the following signs:

  • wobbly gait and muscle tremors
  • excitement or depression
  • collapse
  • colic signs

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