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Getting a diagnosis and performing surgery

When you are faced with a sick or injured horse, it can be really scary but we are here to help whenever you need. During these stressful times, it is critical that you are provided with the tools required to make a fully informed decision. Having the right diagnostic tools on hand is a great place to start. At Bungendore Vet we have a comprehensive laboratory that allows us to perform things like complete blood work quickly to get you the answers you need. If surgery is required, we discuss all of your options and help you make the right decision for you and your horse.

Sometimes horses need referral for more intensive treatment or surgery. We work closely with the specialists to ensure your horse receives the best care before, during and after your referral.

Some of the equine hospitals we refer to include:

  • CSU Veterinary Clinical Centre Wagga
  • REC Equine Specialists
  • Camden Equine Clinic

If you have a sick horse, you want to be sure that we have the diagnostic tools to establish a cause quickly. We can see you either in clinic or on property. We will initially complete a thorough physical examination (which may include a rectal examination) and may elect to perform further diagnostics. We have a large in-house laboratory that allows us to perform full in-house blood screens, faecal egg counts, and microscopy to aid in diagnosing pathology at a cellular level. We also have multiple Serum amyloid A (SAA) readers which are a highly effective and efficient way to diagnose if your horse has an infection and requires antibiotics. This test can be done either in clinic or on property, enabling our highly trained vets to make fully informed clinical decisions on the spot.

If you have a lame horse, we are able to perform thorough lameness examinations either in clinic or on property. This may include hoof testing, flexion tests, nerve blocks and/or radiographs. We also have members of our team that perform ultrasound scans on tendons. We have all the tools to get you answers.  For a complicated lameness, we can also refer your horse for advance imaging, which may include CT or scintigraphy. If referral is required, we will walk you through the process and ensure you have all the tools required to make a fully informed decision.

We perform a range of routine and emergency surgeries, from castrations to stitch ups to lump removals, our vets are skilled and comfortable performing field surgery and anaesthesia. Many of these surgeries can be performed on farm, otherwise we will arrange for you to drop your horse off at the clinic for the day for us to perform surgery.

Sterile surgeries (such as joint surgery) and abdominal surgeries (such as colic surgery) are referred to one of the many referral hospitals we have access to within a 4 hour radius. Please get in touch if you have a horse in need of surgery and we can formulate a surgical plan or refer you to the most appropriate hospital.

We have a real passion for equine reproduction and have an experienced team ready to help you make some cute foals!! Our reproductive services include ultrasound follicle tests, timed ovulation and artificial insemination. We perform pregnancy diagnosis from 14 days onwards and twin ablation if required.

We offer artificial insemination services including chilled and frozen AI. This means that we can access genetics from Australia and around the world.

Some mares can have trouble getting pregnant or staying in foal. We can provide investigative procedures in conjunction with intensive scanning and treatments to maximise your chances of success. These procedures may include uterine biopsy, cultures, cytology and histopathology. Theses mares often require boarding in clinic while they undergo management. We have multiple yards to accommodate your mare if required.

If your mare has trouble foaling, this is a true emergency and you need to have the confidence that your vet will be there to help (whatever the time of night or day!). We have a vet on call at all times and have a lot of experience in this field.

Once the foal is born, we regularly perform (and love) to examine foals to ensure they have reached their milestones and pass their IGG test 24hrs after birth. If you are unsure of what is required with your new foal, please contact the clinic and speak to one of our wonderful customer care team. If your foal is unwell, not feeding or unable to stand these are also true emergencies. Once again, we have a vet on call at all times and are here to help.

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